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Going Gently Into That Good Night...With a Flashlight and a Steadycam - November 26th, 2009

Nov. 26th, 2009

11:57 pm - More crazy from Rupert Murdoch

The Wall Street Journal, like all News Corp holdings, can't but fold, spindle and mutilate reality into something more palatable for their fear-addicted audience. So it comes as no surprise that ClimateGate has made a strong showing in the WSJ Opinion pages. But you've got to savor the irony of an editorial board enamored with the circular logic so critical to global warming denial accusing the best climate scientists in the world of same. It's just more of regular WSJ Opinion Page contributor Karl Rove's signature strategem, turn your opponents strengths into weakness. Michael Mann and his cabal of legitimate scientists publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals, therefore they must be engaging in an attempt to silence their less apt scientific analogues on the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) denial side. When the AGW deniers, like water seeking its own level, find their way around every obstacle, in this case by taking over a journal, the legitimate scientists again show themselves to be elitist and exclusionary by rebutting bad science with no consideration of the feelings of others. St. Murdoch to humanity's rescue....

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